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More than 800 needy people including many children benefited from donations of £25,000 worth of food to Lchaim’s food bank which provided essential items for Pesach meals, including chicken, turkey, grape juice, wine, cheese, matzah, eggs, fruit and vegetables.

Al the recipients were immensely grateful for this vital help with some expressing their appreciation in self made thank you cards.

The following is a short story that was repeated as it happened by one of our volunteers.

"2 hours after the conclusion of the Passover distribution I saw a woman walking around the area looking for something, I asked her what she was looking for, she responded by asking if they were giving out food for Passover here? I told her that they had given out to those that received a message, with the details of what and where to come and pick up food and that the distribution was now finished. If she was supposed to be a recipient she would have received a text message with the details.
The woman broke down saying that she was a single mom of 3 children, making Passover for the first time completely alone. She had already twice received time slots to come and pick up her food but because of her circumstances due to last minute mishaps, such as the baby sitter (who had volunteered) canceling on her, she was unable to get out and pick up the food, and now what am I going to do ?

I was so touched by this lady plight I old her to wait and I will get her all that she needs - 20 minutes later, the lady left with all the Passover essentials and most of all with a huge smile". YC

Salford Floods

Cteen wake up early on a Bank Holiday and join local residents to help with the clean up effort at the Heath Estate including setting up the Booth Center following the flooding that hit the Salford area, Cleaning and household supplies were generously sponsored by the L'chaim Foodbank to help Salford residents

Group picture are Rabbi Yisroel Cohen Director of L'chaim Chabad on behalf of L'chaim Foodbank with Rabbi Sholom and Mrs Mushky Cohen Cteen Manchester Directors, Humpherys Booth Center Manager and Clean up Coordinator Diane Crowcroft , Cteens Pictured: James Slater, Saul Miller, Saul Mendelson, Josh Fine, Ben Bursk.

Feedback from families and individuals